Can you supply to a Brisbane Project?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

We can definitely supply any Brisbane suburb project whether it be Commercial Car ParksUmbrellas and Shades or Domestic Sails. we also go to the Gold Coast and can supply materials throughout Australia.

What other areas do you go to?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

Our personalised service now also extends to Gympie, the Cooloola Coast and Hervey Bay and the general Burnett Region. Our offices on the Sunshine Coast also travel regularly to the Gold Coast to oversee projects there.

Are they waterproof?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

East Coast Shades can supply either Waterproof PVC or 95% Shade covers.

What is the cost difference between the waterproof and other covers?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

Waterproof can be considerably dearer than regular shade covers

What is the life expectancy of the Shade Sails?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

All East Coast Shades fabrics and covers have a minimum 10 year working lifespan.

Are Shade Sails cyclone proof?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

No. Unfortunately the cover materials used are not cyclobe proof and we can not guarantee against cyclonic conditions. Nevertheless we recommend that the sails be removed during cyclonic weather.

Can the covers be removed and is it difficult to do?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

Yes they can and it is not difficult at all! The tensioners and turnbuckles are able to be loosened and/or un-fixed quite easily.

Do the materials fade?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

No. They are fade resistant and mould resistant in the generally expected lifespan of the materials – depending on the environment and conditions. Nevertheless everything fades slowly over time if constantly exposed to UV rays, wind and rain.

Do you need council permits?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

Yes – anything over 10 mtrs squares requires a permit as a structure and there are also boundary regulations, height restrictions in some areas and other issues depending on the use and vicinity of the structure to be considered. East Coast Shades are qualified to advise you on your local needs.

Is an Engineers certificate required and can East Coast Shades provide this?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

Yes – we can provide an engineers certificate if required.

Will you contract to a Brisbane or Gold Coast Architect?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

Yes – we have extensive experience helping Architects, Designers and Builders on Brisbane and Gold Coast construction projects as well as at home on the Sunshine Coast.

We can actually help save ArchitectsCouncilsSchools and Developers valuable time and cost by designing a suitable membrane structure or shade sail solution with wind load specifications and site requirements and all that is needed for final approvals from Council.

What Warranties are in place with the structure?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

A 12 months warranty on workmanship and 10 years on the fabric. This is a reducing warranty.

Do East Coast Shades have a BSA Licence?2022-01-10T22:39:19+00:00

Yes – we hold a BSA Special Structuctures Licence